Our Papers

At Creative Paper Tasmania we pride ourselves on making quality handmade papers that are naturally Tasmanian and eco-friendly. With a focus on using recycled waste sourced from our local farmers, industries and from nature. The result is handmade papers perfect for special and artistic occasions!

Using traditional papermaking techniques of the first century, each piece of paper is crafted by hand with the consumer in mind.

Our papers can be used in a wide variety of mediums; Watercolour, charcoal, paint, print, embossing, letterpress, printing, pen, photography, screen printing, collage.

View our Inspirations page to see where our papers have been used by writers, artists, painters, and scrapbook enthusiasts.  You really are limited only by your creativity!

Paper size availability ranges from A5 to Imperial (762 x 559mm) and are available in packs or bulk purchase can be arranged.  A range of stationery products have been developed to suit, writers, artists, scrapbook enthusiasts, or someone looking for that special souvenir.

Features of Creative Paper products

  • Tasmanian made
  • A smooth to medium texture
  • Internally sized (enables versatility)
  • Easy to print on at home
  • Truly authentic and uniquely handmade
  • Acid free
  • Eco friendly

Creative Paper would like to recognise Vincent Industries as one of its business partners.  Since 1976 Vincent Industries has provided work and training opportunities for those with a disability in the North West of Tasmania. The business currently employs 40 individuals, with an emphasis on ability, not disability. Creative Paper relies on them to provide some of our recycled base products and a cutting service.