Using apple pulp supplied by the makers of Spreyton Fresh Apple Juice, combined with white cotton rag the unscented delicate texture has a beautiful quality.

Artist Paper Rough

Made from pure recycled cotton rag, this paper is PH neutral and lignin free.

Artist Paper Smooth

Made from pure recycled cotton rag, this paper is PH neutral and lignin free.

Bull Dust Paper

A white cotton base combined with bull dung.

Coloured Cotton

Made from surplus cotton thread from Australian Weaving Mills towel production. This popular cotton paper comes in a range of colours and textures. A positive rainbow is available to enhance your creative ideas.


Using recycled Australian Paper Mill Reflex Paper and cordyline palm plant fibres. A beautifully textured paper, with a perfect natural cream colouring.

Creative Paper Mix

Ideal for artists looking for a comprehensive range of papers in single sheet sets.


Made from 100% recycled denim jeans sourced from Vincent Industries, our denim paper is one of our most intriguing and innovative papers.

Forest Floor

A truly natural and inspiring paper. Using Reflex Paper, remnant from Burnie's Australian Paper Mill history, combined with aged fibres from the forest floor creates a dense durable paper.


Salvaged as harvest waste from the Tasmanian Hemp Industry. The stalk of the hemp plant is used in combination with white cotton, to create a distinct natural colour. The result is a strong fine grained beautiful paper.


A truly unique paper made from the unscented stalks of the lavender plant blended with recycled white cotton and a hint of purple cotton thread.

Roo Poo

The most Australian paper you will find! Give your relatives, guests and friends a giggle with Roo Poo paper!!!

Wombat Poo

The plant fibre rich dung from one of Australia’s iconic animals, combined with cotton, produces a slightly green speckled paper that is a fantastic backdrop to a range of mediums, or for that unique Australian souvenir.