Australia's premier handmade paper tour experience.

Paper tours have now resumed!

Paper… it is used every day; writing, reading, information, creativity… have you ever thought about what goes into something you use so frequently?   

Burnie has a 75 year tradition in paper making, which turned a seaside village into a booming industrial pulp and paper town.  The industrial factory now closed, the city’s association with paper continues today through Creative Paper Tasmania where you can experience an interactive hands-on papermaking tour.

Be introduced to this ancient art at the Creative Paper factory in its present day, ultra-modern setting at Makers’ Workshop. The 30-minute tour takes visitors on the illuminating journey of a commonplace material that is used in everyday life.

Learn ancient paper making techniques used to create beautiful, eco friendly Tasmanian papers. How materials such as recycled denim jeans, natural plant fibres, apples and even Roo Poo are used to make unique papers.

Explore the science, sustainability and recycling effort used by the boutique factory.

The Paper Making Tour is an interactive and hands on tour.  You can touch the paper, feel the wet pulp between your fingers and be inspired by creating your own sheets of paper.

Choose a memento with an Australian animal water mark as a reminder of the experience.

Creative Paper is the only handmade paper factory in Tasmania offering a tour experience, and is one of only two within Australia.

School Groups

A paper making tour is a fascinating experience for school groups. The tour can be an informative interactive way to introduce integral parts of their syllabus.

  • Burnie’s Industrial Heritage and history of papermaking;
  • An introduction to intriguing concepts, ideas and processes;
  • Exploring aspects of science, sustainability and recycling as used by the boutique factory.
  • An informal setting under the guidance of skilled craftspeople encourages participation.
  • An experience students can engage in; ask questions, touch the paper, feel wet pulp between their fingers and be inspired.
  • Tour is styled to be suitable for all ages groups.

School group prices provided on enquiry.

Coach Groups

Creative Paper caters up to 25 people at a time for the Paper tour.  Larger groups will be split into two giving them the best opportunity to experience all the aspects of Makers’ Workshop while one half take the paper tour.

Located within the Tourism Centre Makers’ Workshop, the location of Creative Paper is an ideal location for groups looking to break up their travels.  A fully serviced café, cheese tasting presentations, and a wonderful Tasmanian gift shop.

Coach parking and exceptionally clean restrooms will provide any group with a range of options under one roof.

A discounted price is offered to groups of 10 or more people.